Senior Coaches:  

Missy Bouchard


Cell- 715-570-8176

Missy is insured through American Specialty Insurance, is a member of PSA and US Figure Skating. 

I have been skating since our rink was built in 1993, I have enjoyed coaching many programs over the past 24 years including Learn to Skate, Synchro, many specialty classes, boot camps and private lessons. Most recently I have become the Board's Program Coordinator.  In addition to other programs I am the coordinator for our Aspire program. I have coached skaters through their Novice Moves in the Field and Intermediate Freestyle tests.

I hold a certification as a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and provide nutrition and wellness coaching.

Private coaching fees are $10 per 15 minute lesson. 

Please contact me for availability.

Currently accepting new students. 

Missy Bouchard

Jessie Underwood (Hoelzlhammer)


Cell: (715) 213-7267

Jessie is insured through American Specialty Insurance Inc., is a member of PSA and U.S. Figure Skating. She has passed tests through Juvenile Freestyle, Intermediate Moves, Adult Gold Freestyle, Adult Gold Moves and Gold Dance. She coaches levels through senior moves in the field and gold dance. Her private coaching fees are $10.00/15 minute lesson. Jessie has been skating for 20 years, and has ten years of private coaching experience.

Kayla Kopacz


Cell: (715) 213-0275

Kalya is insured through American Specialty Insurance Inc., is a member of PSA and U.S. Figure Skating. She has passed tests through Novice Moves, Pre-Juvenile Freestyle, and Pre-Silver Dance. She coaches through Novice moves, Pre-Juvenile Freestyle, and Pre-Silver Dance. Kayla has also been a Learn-to-Skate instructor for 5 year. Her private coaching fees are $6.50/15 minute lesson. 

Alyssa Olson


Rate $7 for 15 minute lesson

I have passed through  Senior Moves, Pre-Gold dance, Senior Solo Freeskate and Intermediate Freestyle, and continue to work towards passing my last tests. I have been skating for over 12 years, and have trained with many coaches at Olympic levels, SOS, Shattuck St Mary's and many different seminars. I am a member of the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) Member Coach with a PSA - Basic Accreditation Rating.  I have also trained in dance for 5 years.  I am accepting students and available evenings and some weekends, please email or text to check availability. 

Abbie Stoflet

Contact info: 715-213-3475

Hi! I have passed tests through Silver Dance, Juvenile Freeskate, and Novice Moves. I was a skater for 12 years before I began coaching! I love to coach private lessons as well as classes in learn to skate. I can also coach skaters through Novice Moves, Silver Dance, and Juvenile Freeskate. 

Rate per hour: $23 

$5.75 per 15 minute lesson


Weeknights from 5:30-9 and Saturday mornings from 8:30-10. 

I am currently not accepting new skaters, but that may change throughout the season. If you are interested feel free to contact me! 

Junior Coaches:  

Jerlin Ferreira

Jerlin is a USFSA and PSA member coach fully insured through Arch Insurance Company.  She has coached LTS for one year and has been a LTS Coach Assistant since 2019.  She’s been blessed with mentors like Sandra Johansson, Cesca Supple and Jessie Underwood, who’ve helped her gain solid skating skills and coaching knowledge. She has also accumulated a wealth of knowledge from esteemed coaches from Go4Gold Academy, Mariposa, Seasons of Skating and Shattuck. Jerlin loves figure skating and enjoys sharing her passion for skating with you.

Test Passed: Gold Skating Skills(Senior Moves), Gold Dance, 7 International Dances, and Pre-Gold Singles (Junior Freestyle), Gold (Senior) Solo Free Dance

Skating Accreditation: Professional Skaters Association (PSA) Foundations of Coaching PSA Member Coach with a Basic Accreditation Rating

Jerlin’s private coaching fee is $6.50/15 minute lesson. 

Please contact her for availability

Associate/Guest Coaches

Janet Hensley 

Danielle Wolosek