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About The Club

The Wisconsin Rapids Figure Skating Club maintains several programs to promote recreational and competitive figure skating in the Wisconsin Rapids area.

Where to begin?

Beginning skaters are invited to enroll in our USFSA Learn To Skate program. Skating is a great sport for almost everyone. It is good exercise and helps to build muscles, stimulate your heart and improve coordination and balance. Our youngest skaters begin at the age of three; however, beginning skaters can be any age. We have an increasing number of teenagers and adults starting lessons each session.

The Next Step - Joining Aspire (replacement program for Jr. Club)

Learn to skate students in Basic 4 and up may want to advance their skating and get more ice time by participating in the Aspire Program. Aspire is a bridge program between Learn to Skate and full skating membership. It is a great program to learn more about skating opportunities before jumping into full USFS membership. Fees for Aspire are reasonable and vary depending upon the number of days in each session. Aspire is currently offered on Wednesday nights and/or Saturday mornings. Aspire is taught as a group lesson. Aspire families are required to do minimal volunteering. Being involved in Aspire and volunteering gives skaters and parents the opportunity to learn more about the club and be more involved with other skating families. More information can be found under the Aspire tab.

Skaters in Basic 1 and above may otherwise choose full membership in the Wisconsin Rapids Figure Skating Club. Students who join the WRFSC are eligible to skate during club ice times on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. This ice time provides more opportunities for skaters to expand their options in figure skating. Club contracts are emailed out and available on the website. Skaters that become a member of WRFSC hire a private coach and begin competing and testing skills.

Becoming a Member

To become a member of the WRFSC you must first obtain an ice contract. Ice contracts are issued at least one month prior to the start of the fall, winter, or summer sessions. The contract details the options available for the chosen session. Membership in the WRFSC automatically makes the skater a member of the USFS. A single fee of $75.00 is required to become a member of the WRFSC and the USFS. A portion of this fee is sent to the USFS for enrollment. Membership entitles the member to participate in any USFS sanctioned competition or test session. Members also will receive copies of "Skating," a magazine that is published by the USFS. In addition, the South Wood County Board requires each figure skating family to assist in the maintenance of the facility and volunteering for WRFSC events.

Private Lessons

During "club ice" time skaters can receive a private lesson from one of the WRFSC coaches. Skaters need to contact the coach of their choice and schedule lessons. Information on coaches can be found on the WRFSC coaches' biography page. Skaters and parents can learn who they work well with through our Learn to Skate program and Junior Club.

Competitions and Test Sessions

Individual skaters may participate in competitions and test sessions. Coaches of the WRFSC will plan to attend several competitions and test sessions each year to assist their students.

Synchronized Skating

The WRFSC formed a Synchronized skating team in 2009. We currently do not have a synchronized skating team due to coaching changes. More information will be posted once a new coach is established.

Ice Dancing

The WRFSC offers ice dancing as another option for skaters. Learn-to-Skate Dance can be taken starting at LTS Pre-Freestyle. Ice dancing gives skaters a good understanding of edges and flow. Testing in Ice Dancing requires partnering with a dance partner. Adults are also good candidates for ice dance; it has no jumping and is low impact. All you need is a love of skating and music.

The Ice Show

The WRFSC performs an ice show each year. Previous shows have been very successful and lots of fun for skaters and audiences alike. All Learn to Skate skaters and all club members are invited to participate in the show.