Ice Show

2025 ICE SHOW THEME - Coming Soon!!!

MARCH 15-16th, 2025

Show Directors Heather Jacobson and Beth Williamson


Previous WRFSC Ice Show Themes

2024- Make a Splash!

2023- Out of this World!

2022- Rockin Through the Jungle!

2021- Destination Skate

2020 - 20 Years on Ice

2019 - Lights, Camera, Skate!

2018 - A Night of Stars

2017  - Summer

2016 - I Heart Skating

2015 - Colors in Motion

2014 - Skate with taste

2013  - Treasures on Ice

2012 - Skating Thru Time

2011  - Road Trip USA 

2010  - Ice City Musicals

2009  - Viva Ice Vegas 


To participate in the WRFSC (Wisconsin Rapids Figure Skating Club) Ice Show: 

1. You must be a current member of the WRFSC or Winter LTS program to be eligible to participate in the WRFSC ice show. 

2. You must be in good standing with the WRFSC, which is defined as: all prior ice contracts, ice show fees, LTS fees, and coaching fees must be paid in full and have no athletic code of conduct violations. 

3. Silver and gold level skaters must skate two or more times per week at the WRFSC rink and receive at least one lesson with a WRFSC coach per week for Fall and Winter. 

4. You must be able to attend all practices and ice show performances - only one practice may be missed and it will need to be reported to the show director and designated coach(es) prior to the absence. 

5. Skaters have the option to participate in all numbers designated by the show director/committee. 

6. To qualify for a specialty number or solo you must have completed the LTS program through Freestyle 6. 

To qualify for a solo: 

1. All skaters performing a solo must have been an active WRFSC member for the previous 2 consecutive years and meet all the requirements above. 

2. All skaters who have passed both their Juvenile Moves and Juvenile Free Skate may qualify for a solo if they have met all the guideline requirements stated above. Preference for solos will be given to seniors as qualified in #3 below. 

3. To qualify for a high school senior solo, a skater must have met the guidelines in #2 above and have been a member of the club for at least 1 year. Those not qualifying for a senior solo as seniors will be given a senior feature in another number. 

4. The top skaters will be given solos depending on the WRFSC Free Skate and Moves point system. 

Special circumstances may occur in any given year and will be at the discretion of the WRFSC Board of Directors to modify policies and criteria for skaters participating in the WRFSC Ice Show, if deemed necessary. 


Aspire: Skaters who are in club and/or Aspire who have not passed PreFS. (Basic 3 through PreFS) 

Bronze Club: Skaters who have passed PreFS and are in the club. 

Silver Club: Skaters need to have passed BOTH their Preliminary Moves and Preliminary Free Skate 

Gold Club: Skaters need to have passed BOTH their Juvenile Moves and Juvenile Free Skate 

WRFSC Ice Show Dance Guidelines

In order to be eligible to skate in a dance number in the ice show skaters must be current members of the WRFSC. LTS Dance ONLY students are NOT eligible. Dance levels are as followed:

Bronze:  Preliminary through Pre Bronze

Silver: Bronze through Pre Silver

Gold: Silver and Above

Additional Information 

REVISED August 2022